October 28, 2012
More “Party Promoted Posts” solves mystery of Ningbo on the top-10 list on Sina Weibo

It seems the answer to the question I asked earlier is solved. The term “Ningbo City Government” is at #2 on the top-ten list on Sina Weibo, right behind “riot police”. Both serve the same purpose: propaganda. 

Clicking the top ten list in these cases is like linking to a government message regarding a sensitive issue. Here, the “hot post” that shows at the top of the search returns when searching “Ningbo City Government” is a message news department of the city government.

Looks like the same case as with the term “riot police” on the top-ten, as I showed earlier.

Here’s a rough translation of the promoted post:

"Ningbo Announcement: News has been received from the spokesperson of the Ningbo City government. The city of Ningbo has already decided the following with the investors of the project: (1) Resolutely discontinue (?) the PX project; (2) the advancement of the early stage work on the [chemical] refinery project has been stopped, [and we will] reestablish a scientific justification 


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